Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Surfer's Guide To Marketing

The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing is an entertaining, motivational, and educational guide to developing marketing efforts in today’s fluid landscape.  Utilizing surfing and ocean references while interjecting real-world examples that provide traditional and unorthodox brand communication tactics in the competitive marketplace, The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing challenges marketing minds to push the envelop.  By creating an atmosphere for marketing and business professionals to think outside the box and paddle out into a lineup consisting of large brands, small start-ups, and everyone else vying for the wave of consumer attention,  The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing crushes boring, industry text book rhetoric like a barrel at North Shore and drops in humor and a unique perspective to encourage fresh thought and a new attitude.

Comprised of both traditional and new philosophies and featuring actual marketing anecdotes and successful case studies, The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing  serves up the perfect wave of marketing principles, untapped opportunities, and passion for marketing professionals, business owners, and surfers alike.  From the Puffer Fish to the Trojan (Sea) Horse, the book serves to bring the “can-do” to the “how-to” and backs it up with action-step exercises for the reader by demonstrating the proven tactics discussed.   The CASE STUDIES and SURF LESSONS serve to show the reader not only how different strategies can be applied and what their proven results might look like, but also provide some simple, step-by-step exercises to stimulate the inner marketer and surfer in all of us.   The book features ten chapters of strategies, proven case studies and samples of the actual marketing principles in action to cement the proven viability of everything from The Barnacle to The Remora!

Written with a unique perspective by Randy Rovegno, proven marketing expert on such brands as ABC, AT&T, NFL, NBC, FOX, Verizon, ESPN, and more, The Surfer’s Guide To Marketing takes on the world of marketing (and surfing) and shows that whether you want to build a brand or paddle out in the Pacific, marketing and surfing are as connected as a longboard and a leash.  The author's humorous style and expertise carries the reader through dynamic principles and actual examples while serving to fulfill the promise of one-third education, one-third motivation, and one-third entertainment! So wax your board, plan your campaign, and get ready... surf’s up!

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